About PPS

PPS’s distinctive system UNITES, will grow your business with exceptional people:

Understanding your business and company values

Needs analysis provided for clarity of position and qualities of your potential hired candidate.

Identify and inspire new talent branding your company in a “warm glow” that pinpoints uniqueness

Transition a new candidate hire through the interview & hiring process & on- boarding.

Exceptional overall service

Satisfaction guaranteed

Patricia Morrison, Founder and Executive Recruiter

My primary goal is to provide the best possible candidate match for each position at your company. I partner with my clients and candidates to ensure a smooth and pleasant hiring process. PPS is much more than a referral service, as I actively participate throughout the process by preparing everyone involved to get the most out of every communication and step forward. My extensive knowledge of the Senior Living industry along with this step by step process ascertains that talent fits better and stays longer.

I have been recruiting in the Senior Living industry for the past 7 years and have 25 years of a successful track record in recruitment, career coaching and team building. I am certified in Human Resources Management and have accreditation’s in team building, leadership, and relationship building. My background and acquired skills add to my qualification to source the ideal candidate for the right position. I start the process by conducting a thorough and detailed search, using my network of contacts of top people in the Senior Living and Long Term Care industry to source the ideal candidates.

The key is in understanding your company needs and desires and then focusing on the candidates and their desires, aspirations and expertise!