Experience the Difference with Quality Relationship Recruiting

Prime Placement Solutions will partner with you to represent your company by building a custom strategy for recruiting the best candidate while using the following process:

  • Gathering of vital information about the position, management needs and company culture, considering what has worked for you in the past and anything new you would want to implement for your current search.
  • Personally search for and interview candidates, identifying top talent who meet your qualifications in all areas and who are interested and inspired about your opportunity and company.
  • Providing a summary of the candidate’s primary qualifications that meet and often exceed the needed criteria, emailed to you for your perusal along with the candidate’s resume, to confirm your interest. Any questions on work history or other details can be answered prior to scheduling an interview.
  • Upon your request, an interview is arranged and a confirmation is e mailed to you and the candidate.
  • The candidate is fully prepared for your interview, reviewing the necessary information about your company and the position.
  • Preparation time can be arranged prior to the interview for you to review pertinent information regarding the candidate. You will be contacted for your feedback following the interview.
  • If you should decide to move forward, through the interview process ending with an offer of employment, a verbal acceptance is obtained, along with the candidate’s available start date. This makes certain that a formal written offer is sure to be accepted. Candidate references are checked personally and a summary is provided.
  • If you should decide to move forward with an offer of employment, verbal acceptance is obtained along with the candidate’s date that he or she is available to start work. This makes certain that a formal written offer is sure to be accepted without delay.
  • Contact is maintained with the candidate and with your Human Resources department confirming that all paperwork is turned in, and any testing is completed through the employee’s start date.
  • These steps streamline the process saving you money and valuable time.


At Prime Placement Solutions, the search fee is customized, recognizing that no two clients or jobs are alike. Although search options are designed to produce a similar outcome they can vary based on your specific client needs. With all of our search options you will always receive the benefits of a client focused search where every opportunity is taken to promote your company. This can be arranged through a retained or contingency search agreement that can be mutually determined. PPS is happy to meet your needs and expectations through-out the process.